Silver Hand Mangalsutra / Silver Nazariya

Mangalsutra Bracelets – An Epitome of Marital Style for Women
Mangalsutra meaning ‘a sacred thread’ is symbolic of the holy eternal union between a husband and wife. More than being a symbol of marital status, it is a promise made by the husband to be forever faithful to his beloved wife. It is believed to protect the wearer from evil and bless the couple with longevity and prosperity.

From the mandatory traditional ornament that the Mangalsutra used to be, it has now become a fashion statement. Women now prefer wearing more delicate minimalistic designs . Geometric patterns, floral designs, solitaires and alphabets are now in vogue

The Latest trend, the Mangalsutra Bracelet is an excellent option for the millennial bride. silver siddhi brings over 40 mangalsutra bracelets for women to choose from ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1500.

We can now honour our traditions and customs in an entirely new fashion with the Mangalsutra Bracelet. Our wide range of minimalistic wrist adornments embody the timeless and elegant black bead and golden chain of the traditional mangalsutra and give new life to them. Trending the minimalistic way, an assortment of daily wear mangalsutra hand bracelet designs are all set to delight the bride-to-be on her wedding day.

So if you are an adventurous, break the stereotype of a bride, these Mangalsutra Bracelets are a perfect fit for you and your fearless outgoing personality. A perfect amalgamation of metal, stone and bead, these Silver Mangalsutra Bracelets are the next step towards modernizing the marriage ritual and personalising it to suit your individual needs. Now you can put your special touch not only to the venue, outfits, decorations and ensembles of your big day but also to the most integral part of the ceremony where you don the ethereal Mangalsutra.

An exciting new trend that distills the significance of the mangalsutra in a tiny sophisticated statement ring and bracelet. The Mangalsutra ring and mangalsutra bracelet is the next step in the evolution and modernization of the Mangalsutra and is a brilliant invention for the brides of today. Keeping up with the times, it provides all the symbolism of the mangalsutra in a delicate and highly versatile jewellery that can be worn at all times, with any outfit and for any occasion.

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